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Allow Independence and Dignity to an Underserved Senior

With your generous help, we can provide underserved seniors quality care and assistance in the comfort of their own home.

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We are fundraising to provide free quality assistance to underserved Seniors.

Here’s a story that illustrates precisely why we do what we do:

One of my first clients was Fran, a 78 year old woman who suffered the debilitating effects of MS for years. When I started serving her, she was unable to do almost anything for herself, and her family was not able to give her the regular care that she so desperately needed.

Fran's family was overwhelmed at not being able to care for Fran the way they wanted her to be. They got my name from a friend who I had served and developed a friendship with. Based on that referral, Fran's family felt comfortable to reach out to me.

When I met Fran, we quickly bonded. In spite of her circumstances, Fran was so sweet and appreciative. Her family was also relieved to know their mom was being cared for properly.

In serving Fran, she was able to eat nutritious, regular meals, and have a sense of dignity from having her personal hygiene needs met. Now her hair was combed, her body was clean, and her skin was in good health. Fran's demeanor quickly changed from dejected to happy and grateful. It was the inspiration gained from serving Fran that still fuels my mission today.

Fran's story is unique, but the circumstances are very common to seniors and their families who are in need of assistance. Seniors with low income have the same problems, but with much less options to receive assistance due to the high cost of care services.

BLISS is here to provide financial help and act as liaison service between Seniors in need and Quality Licensed Care Providers.

While there are several great local non-profit organizations providing senior services, BLISS is the only one that is focused on providing free In-Home Care Services. BLISS is happy to refer and work together with many of these organizations, and licensed care providers as we believe there is no competition in doing good, WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER! We at BLISS just want to be part of the bigger picture of helping the Senior Community.

Starting as a humble private Caregiver in 1999 to becoming the owner of Bosworth Gardens RCFE (Residential Care For the Elderly) in 2004, Bosworth Gardens II in 2007, then First Promise Care Services in 2015, I, my husband, and our staff have gone further in helping seniors and their families than we ever imagined, but the same question of “How can I help more people?” is still there. That’s where the vision for BLISS came from, and that’s why we are looking outside of the care provider community to people like you.

You can help us accomplish the goal of providing hope, dignity, and care to many seniors in our community by partnering with Blessed Low Income Senior Support (BLISS).

We look forward to your partnership and support!

Dyna Jones

Founder/Project Director

"BLISS is fiscally sponsored Project of Mission Edge San Diego, a 501C-3, Non Profit Organization with Tax ID No. : 27-2938491"